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Item IDDescription
10318 Phlebotomy Supply Carrier, 16.5x3x12
17465 Phlebotomy Tray with Two Inserts, 17x6x9
17466 Phlebotomy Tray Inserts for #17465
1828 Emergency Carry Caddy with Drawer, 16.5x6x10
1949 Bin Cup, Small, 3x3x2
1950 Bin Cup, Large, 5x3x3
19920 Mesh Basket, 6x3x6
19921 Mesh Basket, 7x3x10
19922 Mesh Basket, 15x11x6
19973 Waterproof Transport Tote
19974 Test Tube Rack, Full Size, 13mm
19975 Test Tube Rack, Full Size, 16mm
19976 Test Tube Rack, Half Size, 13mm
19977 Test Tube Rack, Half Size, 16mm
5227 Carry Caddy with Drawer, 15x6x9
5228 Carry Caddy, 15x5x11
5231 Tote Carry Caddy, 18x5.5x14
5607 Specimen Caddy, 15x6x9
7405 Test Tube/Syringe Rack