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Item IDDescription
6027 Class A Laser Labels for Micro Blisters
7019 Class A Amber Blisters, Condensed, Aclar®
7015 Class A Amber Blisters, Large, Aclar®
7014 Class A Amber Blisters, Medium, Aclar®
7017 Class A Amber Blisters, Micro, Aclar®
7016 Class A Amber Blisters, Small, Aclar®
6121 Class A Laser Labels for Class A Small, Medium and Large Blisters
6123 Class A or B Laser Labels for Condensed Blisters
7748 HCL® Tamper Tuf Vials with Caps, 15mL, Unassembled
7749 HCL® Tamper Tuf Vials with Caps, 30mL, Unassembled
19613 Laser Labels for Large Ointment Blisters
19470 Laser Labels for Small Ointment Blisters
19612 Ointment Blisters, Large, Amber
19610 Ointment Blisters, Small, Amber