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Item IDDescription
19470 Laser Labels for Small Ointment Blisters
19610 Ointment Blisters, Small, Amber
19612 Ointment Blisters, Large, Amber
19613 Laser Labels for Large Ointment Blisters
6027 Class A Laser Labels for Micro Blisters
6121 Class A Laser Labels for Class A Small, Medium and Large Blisters
6123 Class A or B Laser Labels for Condensed Blisters
7014 Class A Amber Blisters, Medium, Aclar®
7015 Class A Amber Blisters, Large, Aclar®
7016 Class A Amber Blisters, Small, Aclar®
7017 Class A Amber Blisters, Micro, Aclar®
7019 Class A Amber Blisters, Condensed, Aclar®
7748 HCL® Tamper Tuf Vials with Caps, 15mL, Unassembled
7749 HCL® Tamper Tuf Vials with Caps, 30mL, Unassembled