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Item IDDescription
G285 Himalayan Tumbler, Purple, Doctor
G285P Himalayan Tumbler, Purple, Doctor, Personalized
G304 Stemless Wine Tumbler with Lid
G319 Personalized Flask Set
G338 Gnome Mason Jar Mug, Personalized
GF562 Lid for Tervis Tumblers, 16 oz
GK150 Medical Badge Decanter and Glasses
GK186 Caduceus Wine Glass Set
GS450 Old Fashioned Rx Glasses
H098 Pharmacy Wine Glasses Set
N207 Be Safe Nurse Wine Glass Set
N218 Nurse Tervis Tumbler, 16 oz.
N220 Nurse Tervis Tumbler, 24 oz.
N231 Himalayan Tumbler, Blue, Nurse
N231P Himalayan Tumbler, Blue, Nurse, Personalized
N232 Himalayan Tumbler, Purple, Nurse
N232P Himalayan Tumbler, Purple, Nurse, Personalized
NK169 Nurse Rocks Glass Set
NK170 Nurse Wine Glass Set
P202 Rx Wine Glass Set
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