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Item IDDescription
1444 Security Drug Case, X-Large, 16x6x14
1452K Security Drug Case, 13x3x10
1453K Security Drug Case with Two Key Locks, 14x3x10
1573K Drug Storage Case with Foam, Large, 14x3x11
1584K Drug Storage Case w/o Foam, Small, 10.5x3x8
17265 Medical Supply Box, 18x10x9
1804 Foam for Briefcase Drug Box #1822
1820 Briefcase Drug Box, 15x2.5x12
1821 Briefcase Drug Box, 15x2.5x12
1822 Briefcase Drug Box, 15x2.5x12
1823 Replacement Foam for #1452K and 1453K
1825 Briefcase Drug Box, Large, 18.5x3x13
1831 Briefcase Drug Box, Large, 18.5x3x13
1832 Briefcase Drug Box, 15x2.5x12
19773 Opioid Overdose Kit Label, 3x5
20246 MAD Nasal™ Drug Delivery Device
20321 Electronic Security Box with Handle