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Item IDDescription
17114 Double-Ended Transfer Needles, 17-Gauge, 25/pack
17114-31 Double-Ended Transfer Needles, 17-Gauge, 100/case
17841 Double-Ended Medication Transfer Needles, 20-Gauge
18536 Multi-Purpose Vial Holder
18566 Mini-Bag/Vial Mate Applicator
18723 Filtered Venting Needles, 20-gauge, 1-1/2", Red
18723-31 Filtered Venting Needles, 20-gauge, 1-1/2", Red, Case
18832 Easy Read Vial Set, One-Third Size
18833 Easy Read Vial Set, Half-Size
18834 Easy Read Vial Set, Full-Size
18835 Easy Read Vial Grippers, Small
18836 Easy Read Vial Grippers, Medium
18837 Easy Read Vial Stand, One-Third Size
18838 Easy Read Vial Stand, Half Size
18839 Easy Read Vial Stand, Full Size
18886 Bottle Hangers for 50mL Vials
18886-31 Bottle Hangers for 50mL Vials, Case
18887 Bottle Hangers for 100mL Vials
18887-31 Bottle Hangers for 100mL Vials, Case
18900 Easy Read Vial Grippers with Shock Absorber
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