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Item IDDescription
11962 Bag Spike with Smartsite
11963 Bag Spike with Check Valve and Smartsite®
17114 Double-Ended Transfer Needles, 17-Gauge, 25/pack
17114-31 Double-Ended Transfer Needles, 17-Gauge, 100/case
17841 Double-Ended Medication Transfer Needles, 20-Gauge
17841-50 Double-Ended Medication Transfer Needles, 20-Gauge, Case
18566 Mini-Bag/Vial Mate Applicator
19120 Vial Mate Reconstitution Devices
19120-31 Vial Mate Reconstitution Devices, Case
19158 Sterile Female-Female Luer Lock Connectors
19158-31 Sterile Female-Female Luer Lock Connectors, Case
19165 Suregrip Transfer Pins
19165-31 Suregrip Transfer Pins, Case
19888 Oral to Oral Connectors
20015 Sterile Vial Adapter, 13mm
20016 Sterile Vial Adapter, 20mm
20022 Vial Adapter, Non-Sterile, 13mm
20023 Vial Adapter, Non-Sterile, 20mm
7891-31 Sterile Luer Lock To Luer Slip Connectors, Case
7891-50 Sterile Luer Lock To Luer Slip Connectors, Pack
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