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Item IDDescription
11766 Multi-Purpose Cart, 3-Shelves with Vinyl Mesh Cover
11767 Multi-Purpose Cart, 4-Shelves with Solid Vinyl Cover
11768 Multi-Purpose Cart, 4-Shelves with Vinyl Mesh Cover
11875 Stainless Steel Cart w/ Guard Rail
11876 Stainless Steel Utility Cart with Drawer
1235 Non-Spill Bar For Tilters®
1239 Replacement Caster for No. 5294E
1246-01 Replacement Swivel Caster for #5309E and 4231E
1247-01 Replacement Standard Caster for #5309E and 4231E
1256 Tilters® Supply Cart
12700B Metro® Deep Ledge Utility Cart, 2-Shelf
12701B Metro® Deep Ledge Utility Cart, 3-Shelf
12922 Tote Bin for Rolling Rack, 25x9x15.5
12924 Rolling Rack for 3 Tote Bins
12925 Rolling Rack for 6 Tote Bins
14052 Tote Basket Cart for #4024
14053 Hinged Lid Transfer Box Cart
14118B Shelf Clips
1464 Label Holder for Divider Boxes, 5x4
1715 Divider Box, 22x8x17
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