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Description: Evolve™ Stainless Steel Refrigerator, 1.8 cu. ft./52 Liter
  • Warranty - 2 years parts and labor; 10 years heat pump
  • CDC Compliant - Yes, meets CDC requirements for drug and vaccine storage.
  • Temperature Range - Refrigerator operates in the 2° to 8°C range.
  • Construction - Stainless steel exterior shell with easy-to-clean aluminum inner walls. Compact refrigerator runs on solid-state, compressor-free technology that cools electronically vs. mechanically. Uses solid-state heat pump coupled with a non-toxic refrigerant to move heat away from the core for quick temperature stabilization with temperature uniformity wall to wall. Two external fans are the unit’s only moving parts.
  • Note - For proper operation, allow 4" of clearance around the refrigeration unit.
  • Special Features - Energy-efficient unit features quiet operation and precision digital temperature control with uniform temperature and rapid recovery. Built-in glycol and air sensors provide fully integrated and programmable temperature monitoring. WiFi-enabled system sends alerts to mobile devices and the web to give users complete peace of mind. Online portal enhances monitoring. “Always on” technology requires less maintenance and operates more reliably than compressor-based models to protect users from loss of inventory. Three perforated, adjustable shelves maximize storage potential. Conveniently retrieve and download data to a computer through USB access.
  • Secure - Keyed door lock keeps medication secure and helps monitor access. Two keys included for the self-closing door.
  • Alarm Features - Programmable alerts with audible and visual alarms:
    • Temperature Range
    • Door Ajar
    • No Power
    • Low Battery
    • Memory Full
    • No Wi-Fi
  • Manufactured by Phononic
  • View Refrigerator Guide
  • Exterior Dimensions: 20-1/2"W x 23"H x 22"D
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Product found on page(s) 312, 313 of Winston Churchilla catalog.

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