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Description: VialDock™
  • VialDock™ is a Clear syringe guide/magnifier that allows safe, easy withdrawal of medicine from a vial and helps ensure accurate dosage, especially for patients who are self-injecting medication from a vial.
  • Easy to insert: Gives the patient, healthcare professional or caregiver the ability to guide a syringe and needle quickly and safely into the VialDock and through the vial membrane.
  • Easy to hold: Improves the overall safety and steadiness for patients with visual impairments or arthritic hands. It is ideal for diabetics who must inject themselves with insulin regularly.
  • Easy to read: One end clamps onto the head of a vial (maximum vial top size of .748” Dia.) while the opposite end acts as a syringe guide and holds the syringe securely while extracting the medication. A built-in 2X magnifier makes it easy to read calibrations for accurate dosage.
  • Available individually or as a point-of-purchase pharmacy retail display (#18599) that contains six individually packaged VialDock units.

VialDock™ is a trademark of VialDock Inc.

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