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Description: SealSafe™ Self-Sealing Bottle Closure - 24mm
  • Self-sealing closure maximizes safety and accuracy when dosing liquid medications.
  • Quickly and easily converts a standard prescription bottle into a filling device.
  • Helps prevent evaporation, spills and contamination.
  • Closure is easily penetrated by oral dispenser and reseals when syringe is removed.
  • Oral dispenser dose marks never enter the bottle, which enhances drug dosing accuracy.
  • To use, insert the tip of an oral dispenser into the SealSafe seal, draw a measured dosage and remove the tip. The closure quickly reseals, which provides a safe, clean and consistent seal.
  • Prevent waste by always getting the last drop of medication.
  • Caps can be used with closure in place. Original child-resistant and standard caps fit over the adapters.
  • Increase child safety! Limit accidental access even when child resistant caps are removed.
  • Can be used with most brands of oral dispensers.
  • Non-sterile
  • 20 bottle closures per package.

Product found on page(s) 525 of the LumberJack catalog.

SealSafe™ is a trademark of The Andwin Corporation

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